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Hair Loss Reasons

Hair fall problem increases nowadays for men and women because there is many reasons for hair fall. Naturally, 50-150 hairs fall per day but when this number gets higher, it is necessary to consult experts about this because it is so important to specify the reason of hair fall earl early.

Common hair loss reasons:

1-Hair loss caused by stress

Stress is one of the main reasons of hair loss because in this stage stability of the grafts in growing phase reduces and on the other hand grown phase increases that’s why hair falls and the person wouldn’t understand the reason and that causes depression and more stress makes hair loss getting more.

2-Medicine side effects

Some medicines have side effects on hair growing. And that causes hair loss such as chemotherapy, contraception medicines, gout medications, Thyroid  medications, cholesterol medicines, acne medicines and weight loss medications but after stop taking them the side effect will be gone on the bulbs of hair completely or partial and hair will grow again completely or partial and in that case hair transplant turkey suggested.


Balanced and healthy food system is very important for hair and especially the ones who suffer of Protein deficiency after few months their hair start to fall. To fill the deficiency we must take rich of protein nutrition such as fishes, meat and eggs but too much vitamin A and iron deficiency in body importantly affects hair loss.


Hair loss during pregnancy and birth is very common. Because of harmonic changes during pregnancy but few months after birth the fallen hair grows again.

5-The masculine hair loss:

It is the most common type of hair loss nowadays. It starts in the upper areas then gradually moves to the front side and it ends when hair frontline disappears. In this stage hair, density decreases and baldness are visual on both sides then day-by-day baldness being expand to be all over the head except the rear side of the head. That affects the psychological status.

Recently hair loss for young people is very common. Recently discovered that androgen changes, related to testosterone hormone causes to masculine hair loss. Testosterone, which called as masculine hormone and it changes by 5-Alpha Reductase enzyme to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that sends signs to the hair and makes it weak and that is the reason of masculine hair loss. Early diagnosis for this case is very important to slow down hair loss or stop it. This type diffused 80% between men.

6-Physical shock:

The smallest shock is able to be a reason for hair loss. Other examples of shock are accidents, serious disease or sort of influenza. In this case, this sort of hair loss called Telogen effluvium. The hair loss caused by shock falls from three to six months and getting into recovering stage aftershock.

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